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  Water Quality Data - Microbiology
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SampleNoLocationLocation NameIslandDateTimeEnt QualifierEnterococciCP QualifierClostridiumComments 
BG11292205000800 Anahola Bay PavilionKauai 11/29/2022 10:18 AM 10<0001 Sunny.Select
BG11292201000803 Haena BeachKauai 11/29/2022 8:01 AM 02.3<0001 Sunny, no wind.Select
BG11292204000805 Hanalei Bay PavilionKauai 11/29/2022 9:32 AM 31<0001 Sunny, light wind.Select
BG11292206000813 Kealia Beach ParkKauai 11/29/2022 10:45 AM 20 0001 Sunny, calm, no wind, clean waves.Select
BG11292203000833 Waioli Beach ParkKauai 11/29/2022 9:15 AM 02.3<0001 Sunny, no wind.Select
BG11292202000835 Kee BeachKauai 11/29/2022 8:25 AM 02.3<0001 Sunny, rough.Select
BG11282205000808 Hanapepe Salt PondKauai 11/28/2022 9:11 AM 02.3<0001 Cloudy. Select
BG11282201000809 Kalapaki Beach ParkKauai 11/28/2022 6:45 AM 10<0001 Cloudy, calm. Select
BG11282203000819 Poipu Beach PavilionKauai 11/28/2022 8:15 AM 10<0001 Cloudy, calm. Select
BG11282202000825 Lydgate ParkKauai 11/28/2022 7:14 AM 10 0001 Cloudy, rough, waves breaking over wall.Select
BG11282204000848 Waiohai BeachKauai 11/28/2022 8:30 AM 02.3 0004 Cloudy.Select
BG11282206000894 MacArthur ParkKauai 11/28/2022 9:45 AM 02.3<0001 Cloudy, calm. Select
TM11222205000200 Sandy Beach Pt. 1  11/22/2022      No sample taken. Large shorebreak; dangerous conditions.Select
TM11222204000216 Makapuu  11/22/2022      No sample taken. Large shorebreak; dangerous conditions.Select
GC11222201001203 Kahaluu Beach ParkHawaii-Kona 11/22/2022 10:15 AM 02.3<0001Sunny, small surf, rising tide, and a lot of swimmers(30+). Select
GC11222202001205 Kailua Pier Sta. A-1Hawaii-Kona 11/22/2022 10:40 AM 10 0002Sunny, calm water, cruise ship in, and a lot of swimmers(10+). Select
GC11222203001208 Kailua Pier Sta. DHawaii-Kona 11/22/2022 10:50 AM 02.3 0001Sunny, calm water, cruise ship in, and a lot of swimmers(20+). Select
GC11222205001222 Puako Middle of LotHawaii-Kona 11/22/2022 12:20 PM 02.3<0001Overcast, small surf, and organics in water. Select
GC11222204001236 Anaehoomalu BayHawaii-Kona 11/22/2022 11:40 AM 02.3<0001Sunny, small surf, rising tide, and a lot of swimmers(30+). Select
BG11222205000808 Hanapepe Salt PondKauai 11/22/2022 9:33 AM 02.3<0001 Sunny, calm.Select
BG11222201000809 Kalapaki Beach ParkKauai 11/22/2022 6:49 AM 10 0002 Sunny.Select
BG11222203000819 Poipu Beach PavilionKauai 11/22/2022 8:23 AM 20 0001 Sunny, 3 turtles on beach.Select
BG11222202000825 Lydgate ParkKauai 11/22/2022 7:18 AM 02.3<0001 Sunny, small debris in water.Select
BG11222204000848 Waiohai BeachKauai 11/22/2022 8:50 AM 02.3 0013 Sunny.Select
BG11222206000894 MacArthur ParkKauai 11/22/2022 10:09 AM 02.3 0001 Sunny.Select
MR11222201211701 Waipa Stream GageKauai 11/22/2022 8:39 AM 111<0001staff gage = 0.23 ft (Q = 3.0 MGD) Select
MR11222202211702 Waipa Boat CrossingKauai 11/22/2022 9:42 AM 384<0001 Select
MR11222203211703 Waipa MuliwaiKauai 11/22/2022 10:33 AM 560<0001stream mouth closed Select
MR11222204211704 Waioli Stream MouthKauai 11/22/2022 10:56 AM 64<0001stream mouth open Select
MR11222205211716 Waikoko Stream MouthKauai 11/22/2022 10:42 AM 738<0001stream mouth closed, w/ some ocean influx Select
RC11222203000172 Waimea Bay ShorelineOahu 11/22/2022      No sample taken - BWA due to high surfSelect
TM11222202000194 Lanikai Beach ShorelineOahu 11/22/2022 8:59 AM 20 0005 No swimmers, sunny, windySelect
TM11222206000201 Hanauma Beach ParkOahu 11/22/2022 10:24 AM 02.3<0001 No swimmers, sunny, windySelect
RC11222204000218 Chuns ReefOahu 11/22/2022      No sample taken - BWA due to high surfSelect
JL11222203000222 Ala Moana LagoonOahu 11/22/2022 9:50 AM 02.3 0001partly cloudy; drizzling; moderate wind; fair visibility; flat; low tide; recreators Select
RC11222201000225 Sunset BeachOahu 11/22/2022      No sample taken - BWA due to high surfSelect
JL11222207000228 Sans SouciOahu 11/22/2022 11:14 AM 02.3 0009mostly cloudy; windy; high visibility; flat; many recreators Select
JL11222205000238 Moana Beach, WaikikiOahu 11/22/2022 10:40 AM 02.3<0001mostly cloudy; moderate wind; slightly murky; small shore break; many recreators; rubbish Select
RC11222205000246 LaniakeaOahu 11/22/2022      No sample taken - BWA due to high surfSelect
RC11222206000247 Haleiwa Alii Beach ParkOahu 11/22/2022      No sample taken - BWA due to high surfSelect
RC11222202300103 Sharks Cove (Snorkeling spot) Oahu 11/22/2022      No sample taken - BWA due to high surfSelect
TM11222201303421 Kailua Beach Park Pt. 2Oahu 11/22/2022 8:44 AM 20 0002 1 SUP, sunny, windySelect
TM11222203303603 Waimanalo Beach Pt. 2Oahu 11/22/2022 9:39 AM 02.3<0001 No swimmers, sunny, windySelect
JL11222201304903 Ala Moana Park, Center Pt. 2Oahu 11/22/2022 9:00 AM 02.3 0002partly cloudy; light wind; slightly murky; low tide; calm; recreators; limu  Select
JL11222202304904 Ala Moana Park, D.H. Pt. 2Oahu 11/22/2022 9:21 AM 02.3<0001mostly cloudy; light wind; high visibility; flat; few recreators  Select
JL11222204304905 Kahanamoku Beach, Waikiki Pt. 2Oahu 11/22/2022 10:18 AM 02.3<0001partly cloudy; moderate wind; slightly murky; calm; many recreators; rubbish Select
JL11222206304906 Kuhio Beach, Waikiki Pt. 2Oahu 11/22/2022 10:57 AM 02.3<0001mostly cloudy; windy; high visibility; flat; many recreators; rubbish Select
NM11212205001110 Honolii Cove (Ocean)Hawaii-Hilo 11/21/2022 11:30 AM 137 0005Overcast, small surf, rising tide, and a lot of surfers (20+). Select
NM11212202001114 Keaukaha Beach - 4 MilesHawaii-Hilo 11/21/2022 10:05 AM 64<0001Overcast, calm water, rising tide, and a few swimmers.  Select
NM11212203001126 Onekahakaha Beach Swimming AreaHawaii-Hilo 11/21/2022 10:25 AM 02.3 0001Overcast, calm water, and a rising tide.  Select

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